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Hidāyah Online features two types of audio - Qur'ān recitation and Lectures.

Lectures will go up once the indexing system is completed, in shaa Allaah.

Alee bin `Abdurrahmaan Al-Hudhayfee
For every surah, you may either download and save the file or stream (listen to) the file directly, sometimes in more than one format. Please download and install Winamp for the best listening experience on HidayahOnline.org
Surah MP3
67. Al-Mulk Download (7.52MB)
68. Al-Qalam Download (7.46MB)
69. Al-Hāqqah Download (6.14MB)
70. Al-Ma`ārij Download (5.13MB)
71. Nūh Download (4.76MB)
72. Al-Jinn Download (5.53MB)
73. Al-Muzzammil Download (4.25MB)
74. Al-Muddaththir Download (6.14MB)
75. Al-Qiyāmah Download (3.58MB)
76. Al-'Insān Download (5.35MB)
77. Al-Mursalāt Download (4.88MB)